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The APT solution we offer is very advanced over the existing Endpoint solutions in the market.

Morphisec does not require any prior knowledge about attack forms or behavior and does not rely on detection. We work on Moving Target Defense (MTD) which is very advanced.

Below are a few points that makes Mophisec unique:-

  • Morphisec is more than just a product. We’re focused on people! Everything we do is done to help you, your employees and your customers to bringing innovative security solutions to the market
  • Morphisec solutions work side-by-side with your pre installed security solutions including antivirus, firewalls and others. You don’t have to change anything or remove anything. Our software won’t disturb the status quo (except for blocking exploits…)
  • No more false positives! You read that right. Morphisec solutions provide advanced security so you can relax and focus on your business goals without being unnecessarily alerted every five minutes
  • No signatures. No updates. Morphisec’s application-agnostic and attack-agnostic technology can be installed on the fly, without rebooting or updating rules, signatures or databases, and no learning algorithms
  • Detection is dead! Long live exploit prevention! Morphisec turns the tables on attackers. Instead of security operations chasing after attacks and hackers, attackers now futilely chase after targets that Morphisec makes impossible to locate, identify or penetrate