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Information Security

THE BIG THING in the IT world! Many organizations strive round the clock to secure their information, on premises or in transit or possibly anywhere else. This domain is an ever growing one, where the efforts put in, need to be focused in the right direction otherwise a single misdirection can become a Security Nightmare for your valuable information.

We have simplified this for you by broadly classifying into a Solutions based approach and Services based approach keeping in mind the Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability (CIA) triad

2FA(Multi Factor Authentication)

Ensure your users security, without adding an overhead to their daily routine and implement a Multi-Factor authentication system. You can even go on to implementing a Behaviour based solution to ensure further security.

Is the intended user accessing the correct information in the way the user is supposed to? Ever wonder why your remote employee from Asia suddenly logs in from an IP in Europe? Why is your HR department accessing files from your development team?

Our consultants will guide you design an optimum solution to cater your requirement. It is very easy and flexible to have your own cell phone working as your Two factor token authenticator! No need to carry other hardware! Or if you still in carrying a dedicated token system, we give that choice too.

A host of features to look out for:-

  • Self-Service portals
  • Integration with existing database
  • Flexibility in deployment and delivery (hardware/software)
  • On demand authentication
  • Risk based authentication
  • Business Continuity options
  • Simple migration from existing setup

For more information and guidance on this, reaching out to us would be a great option.